It can sometimes be the case that a particular job candidate has the luxury of being chased by several different companies at the same time. However, these candidates are also likely to be the most attractive currently on the market. As a result, the candidate is the one with the power in their hands.

So, how do companies ensure that they are victorious in the battle for talent?

Here are some of the things they can do to give themselves the best possible chance to attract that in-demand candidate:

1) Portray the best company culture.

No matter what people say, almost everyone is highly motivated by the salary on offer at a company. Therefore, if a candidate is swayed on which opportunity to accept, it is likely the salaries on offer are identical or very similar, otherwise, there wouldn’t be much consideration taking place.

Therefore, one way in which a company can stand out above the rest is by the company culture that is portrayed to the candidate. One way this can be done is through the atmosphere that is displayed when they come for interview. If the candidate is given a warm reception upon arriving, and the workplace looks a fun and positive place, the candidate will be more keen to join their team.

Furthermore, even though this may seem insignificant, if a candidate is told about the social activities that are organised on a regular basis, they may also be swayed to join that business instead of another that seems to do very little in the way of team bonding exercises.

2) Clearest route for future progression within the company.

It is not always all about the current role on offer, but also the potential for progression within the company in the future. Therefore, if a company informs a candidate that there is a realistic chance for a promotion in the not too distant future, the opportunity may start to appeal more to them. They will feel that if they perform well in the opening months, they have the potential to move up the hierarchy and earn more money (and gain more responsibility) at the company.

A prospect that will appeal greatly to many of the top performing candidates.

3) Offer an attractive benefits package.

As well as being able to compete on the salary, companies can gain an advantage on their rivals by offering an attractive benefits package. This can be in the form of more money if performance targets are met, or a company car. Moreover, it can also be in the form of a company pension or healthcare. By offering these additional benefits, they may be more attracted to this company, as they will feel that they are going to be looked after better than the other opportunities on the table. Therefore, even though this may not be high on the priority list, this can help to make up the mind of a candidate.

4) Convince them that you are on the up!

Another way that a company can attract the best talent is by selling the potential they have most emphatically. If a candidate is convinced that a company is heading in a positive direction, and growth is only going to continue, then they are more likely to want to be a part of it. Therefore, it is not only down to the candidate to convince a company of their quality and potential, but also the company to prove that they are the best opportunity they have on offer. Such claims must be backed up with evidence however, and if it is, the candidate is likely to be impressed. And an impressed candidate is more likely to accept your offer above the rest!

Therefore, even though competing with other companies to attract a popular job candidate can be difficult, there are several ways that can assist your attempts. If you can offer good benefits and future prospects, as well as a positive company culture, then you are more likely to be successful. However, convincing the candidate that they would be joining a progressive and fast developing company can often be the key in winning the battle to attract that in-demand candidate. Let the battle commence!