By 2019, there will be a global shortage of 2 million cyber security professionals, it has been predicted. Despite this figure clearly emphasising the challenges being faced in the cyber industry currently, it also offers a great opportunity to those considering beginning a career in cyber security. The shortages indicate that there will not be enough qualified candidates to cover the amount of roles advertised. Therefore, openings will be available for those newly entering the industry. Cyber breaches are becoming a common headache for organisations of all sizes, and now could be the perfect time to develop your skills in preventing such attacks.

Variety of the job

As mentioned, the skills shortage represents a great opportunity to establish yourself in cyber security, but there are also reasons to consider a career in the industry once involved. One of those reasons is the constant variety you experience in the role. Threats are evolving at a fast rate, meaning your learning never stops. Once a new threat is identified, new ways must be found to counter it. Not only that, but you must always ensure you’re ahead of potential cyber criminals, testing new ways that technologies could be breached.

Daily challenges faced

Cyber security professionals cannot ever truly relax, as new ways of exploiting systems are explored by hackers on a daily basis. In large organisations especially, there are numerous systems, technologies and infrastructure that can be targeted, meaning a large diversity of challenges. Any new piece of technology has its own risks, and it would be your job to not only identify and understand those hazards, but also to be able to deal with them in the event of an attack. A new day can often bring a new puzzle to solve.

Impact of your work

Working in cyber security can provide a great deal of job satisfaction. By preventing a cyber attack, you’re not only carrying out your duties effectively, but saving the company a significant amount of money. That should result in appreciation being shown towards you, but most importantly, you can clearly recognise the impact you have made. Such an impact is likely to be best recognised at a larger organisation, where the risk is higher, but you can make a difference wherever you work.

A high number of opportunities, coupled with the potential to earn an attractive salary, mean a career in cyber security should definitely be considered by those with an interest in the area. There is variety and a number of challenges involved, with the chance to make a real difference.

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