When we talk cyber security awareness, the focus is almost always on employees and their operations. While a security-minded staff is indispensable and always the first line of a company’s cyber security defence, an uninformed C-suite can lead to disastrous consequences.

Still, common misconceptions about cyber security persist, and it’s critical to address why these opinions may be misguided. Although there are exceptions to some of these rules, it’s important to develop a strong foundation of security realities to keep the whole organisation on the same page with all operations and applications.

Security Is Too Expensive to Outsource

96% of IT leaders reported that their teams lack the expertise required to handle security challenges in the cloud. Outsourcing this kind of application management can ultimately save companies a lot of work hours in implementation and problem solving.

Patches and Updates Are All Under Control

Today’s network has an abundance of connected resources, and keeping them all patched and up to date is a massive undertaking, especially when you factor in all the individual endpoint users responsible for updating their own devices. Complacency has no place here, so building regular software patching and auditing into your routine security operations is crucial to a proactive defence strategy.

Traditional Awareness Programs Are Good Enough

Threats and defences change all the time. Training your employees once per year (or even less) doesn’t cut it in this ever-evolving technology landscape. It’s no coincidence that companies with security-aware employees tend to have the best defences.

Threat Actors Are Unbeatable

Threat actors are incredibly opportunistic and almost always attack vulnerable targets. If your company focuses on proactive risk reduction, there’s a good chance a would-be attacker would decide it’s not worth the effort or risk to target your networks.

Compliance Equals Security

If you are attacked, your compliance will go a long way towards reducing the damage in the public eye or in court, as well as the risk taken by your stakeholders, vendors and consumers. But the point of effective security is not only to protect yourself legally. A strong, well-rehearsed incident response plan is irreplaceable when it comes to fully protecting your enterprise.

Source: IBM Security