Cyber security is one of the hottest topics right now. It’s believed that the industry could be worth upwards of $100 billion by 2020. Therefore, it may come as a surprise to learn that there is currently a shortage of experts in the field. Many businesses do not have anyone who specialise in the area. In fact, it’s been suggested that there could be as many as a million and a half unfilled job positions in cyber security over the next two years. This is resulting in businesses becoming extremely vulnerable to an attack. Such a breach can be very costly, and the shortage of talent within companies, big or small, cannot be allowed to continue.

What is causing the shortages?

There are a range of explanations as to why such shortages in cyber security are taking place. One is that many businesses are not prioritising the sector. Until an attack actually strikes, it’s natural that a lot of management teams will not even consider the potential problem. Even after the high profile exposure over recent years, most think it won’t happen to them. This should not be the mentality, an attack can be launched at anybody, at any time. Act before you are forced to act.

Another potential reason is the fact that cyber security is a relatively new field, meaning there is not a huge talent pool to gain access to. Despite this, many businesses remain intent on pursuing professionals with several years’ experience behind them. This is a largely unrealistic goal when hiring for such an individual, as it narrows down an already restricted selection. Instead, businesses should start to consider bringing in someone to develop their learning in the cyber sector, even if they have limited experience previously.

What needs to happen next.

The key to ensuring an improvement in this problematic area is clear; investment. It may not be the most popular word for business owners, but it’s becoming essential. Money must be spent to bring in the required personnel to effectively monitor this part of the business. Even though this is a very specialist area, there are many up and coming individuals who will be able to fulfil the role. Furthermore, a company must also invest in the necessary technology needed to successfully oversee the process, as well as to respond to any breach that may take place.

As many businesses have discovered, the cost of recovering from a cyber attack is substantial, making such investment a no-brainer. A company may make numerous new hires throughout 2018, but there won’t be many as important as this one. Be proactive now, instead of reactive later down the line.