It can prove very difficult and time-consuming trying to find a new job. In some cases, a person can quickly get themselves a new position by applying directly to vacancies on the internet, or through who they know. However, for others, it is not nearly as straightforward. Weeks can be spent searching and applying for various different roles, but with no success. As a result, many such candidates decide to work alongside a recruiter in the hope of enjoying more success in their job hunt. Even though a recruiter will be of significant help to them, there are certain things the candidate must do to ensure they are allowed to work as effectively as they can. Some of the key things candidates must do (or not do) when working with a recruiter are discussed below:

Be honest with, and trust, the recruiter.

Put simply, your job is trying to get that all important job offer, and a recruiter’s job is to help you achieve that goal. Therefore, it is important that you place your trust in the recruiter. They are only going to put you forward for positions that are suitable and of interest to you (or at least they should be), meaning you must trust them to do what is best for your career.

For them to be able to do that, you must be honest with them from the beginning of the process. You must outline exactly what your expectations are for a potential future role, as well as being honest about whether a particular role interests you. If not, then all the work carried out by the recruiter and hiring manager is wasted, and you will not be looked upon favourably. Not only have you misled the recruiter and company, it may lead to the recruiter stopping working with you from that point onwards.

Do not decide to contact the employer directly.

Once you start to work with a recruiter, you should ensure that you only contact them throughout the hiring process. If you start to contact the employer directly, you will be betraying the work they has been overseeing for you, and they will not be happy about it. If you have any queries or concerns, you should get in touch with the recruiter, who will then pass them on to the employer. It makes the entire process easier for everyone, as the recruiter can control proceedings from beginning to end. This will ensure there is complete transparency, and no confusion between anyone involved. It is their job to oversee all aspects of the process, so utilise them!

Maintain a positive relationship with them, and show appreciation at the end.

It is important to maintain a positive relationship with the recruiter at all times. Furthermore, you should also show your appreciation for the work they have carried out, once they have helped you land the job you wanted. The reason for this is that you may need to work with the recruiter again in the future if you find yourself in a similar situation. Consequently, if you have a positive working relationship with them, then they are more likely to want to work with you again. It will also mean you have a first port of call in the future, meaning it may reduce the time you need to spend on your job search.

Therefore, even though recruiters can often be looked upon negatively, they can be a real help in your search for a new job. As long as you are honest with them throughout the process, and let them work effectively and exclusively with the employer, they can be the difference between you experiencing success or failure. Just don’t forget to keep in touch with them even if you are eventually successful, you may need them again in the future!