Everyone has values. They may not be the same for each and every person, but they always exist. Principles on how an individual should behave does vary, depending on numerous factors. This is also the case in recruitment. One candidate may have completely different expectations on how a recruiter should conduct themselves, when compared with another. Despite this, there are certain characteristics that are expected from the majority of candidates. When analysed, these attributes are not difficult to convey. Many of them should come naturally, with success becoming much more likely when displayed. However, unfortunately, not all recruiters highlight these traits, leading to frustration for the candidate.

Passion for the role.

When a recruiter is communicating to a candidate about a role they are working on, the objective is to peak their interest levels. Sure, the role itself has to be interesting enough to grab the candidates’ full attention. However, just as important can be the enthusiasm of the recruiter. If genuine interest is conveyed to a candidate, they are likely to become more excited about the proposition themselves. If not, you cannot expect someone to be convinced if you yourself sound uninterested. Showing passion for a role is a much more convincing argument, and it will portray your belief in the quality of the opportunity.

Knowledge of the market & opportunity.

One of the values expected of a recruiter is knowledge. They should have a sound understanding of the market they’re recruiting in, including the current trends and leaders. All their information must be current and up-to-date, allowing them to react to any changes in the marketplace. Furthermore, they should be in a position where they can answer a wide range of potential questions asked by candidates. Close relationships with clients can make this possible, and showing such in-depth knowledge can enhance their credentials. A knowledgeable recruiter is always trusted and looked upon more favourably.

Transparency throughout the process.

Another of the core values for a recruiter is honesty. This is an area where some recruiters can often fall down, giving the whole industry a bad name in the process. But it’s a vital quality. Candidates do not expect to be deceived, and demand complete transparency throughout the hiring process. As mentioned above, this is an attribute that does not need to be worked at, instead, it centres around morals. Being honest, even if it has the potential to cause problems, is always best. Candidates will appreciate it, and see you as more trustworthy. Hiding information is never a good strategy, and the truth often reveals itself in the end!

Genuine consideration for their circumstances.

Some people can be reluctant to work alongside a recruiter, as they see them as only being out for personal gain. To a degree, like with almost all professions, this is the case. However, this should not be the sole motivation. The very best recruiters will consider the personal circumstances of a candidate, before making a decision about whether a role is suitable or not. Showing genuine interest in the life of an individual is a much appreciated value. It will make a candidate feel comfortable working with you, with the confidence that you have their best interests at heart. Every person has a different set of circumstances, get to know them!