Keeping Candidates Warm

In a study carried out by CV Library, involving 1,500 candidates and 700 recruiters, it was found that both parties were guilty of ‘keeping each other warm’. It was found that 39.8% of candidates thought that benching a recruiter was beneficial, in case a new opportunity did not work out for them. Similarly, 76.2% of recruiters shared the same opinion, keeping candidates warm in case a placed candidate did not end up starting.

Successful tactic for recruitment professionals?

When studied further, it was found that 77.1% of recruiters believed that benching candidates was a successful aspect of their recruitment strategy. Furthermore, a significant 87.7% admitted that this tactic has been implemented successfully when making a hire in the past. Therefore, it is clear that the majority of recruiters are taking advantage of this opportunity, and it is bringing positive results for them.

Recruiters more guilty than candidates?

Interestingly, it was also discovered that 44.5% of recruiters believed it was acceptable to bench a candidate for over two weeks. When compared to candidates, there was a clear difference, with only 22.1% believing that benching a recruiter for such an amount of time was acceptable. As a result, it can be argued that recruiters are the most culpable for behaving in this way.

Moreover, 42% of candidates claimed that they had been contacted again at a later date having initially being turned down for a position. However, only 13.6% of those candidates were ultimately successful in landing the role, highlighting the relative low success rate experienced.

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