It was an historic day for tennis on Sunday as Roger Federer claimed a record eighth Wimbledon title. He became the first male since Bjorn Borg in 1976 to win the tournament without dropping a single set. The title making it nineteen Grand Slam victories in total. All at the age of 35.

At this point, you may well be considering the relevance of this triumph with your career. Of course, unless you play tennis professionally, there is no direct link to be made. However, more generally, some of the traits and behaviours displayed by the Swiss over his lengthy playing career in the sport can be related to anybody.

Always room to learn & improve.

At the age of 35, Federer’s victory on Sunday made him the oldest male champion at Wimbledon in the Open era. This proves that you’re never too old to achieve your career ambitions, and even if it feels like you’ve missed the boat, that doesn’t necessarily have to be case. Furthermore, despite already being one of the most decorated players of all time, many believed Federer played some of his best tennis over the last fortnight, proving you can continue to improve. Therefore, if you believe that you know all there is to know, think again.

Resilience & belief in your own abilities.

There have been occasions in recent years where Federer has been written off, with many believing that age was catching up with him after a few disappointing tournament outings. Despite that, he has never wavered in his belief regarding his own abilities, and that resilience has set him up for the successes he has recently enjoyed. As a result, if you receive rejections in your attempts to climb the career ladder, it’s important to maintain confidence in your abilities. Eventually, if you keep the faith, you will be rewarded.

Dedication & making sacrifices to achieve your goals.

Throughout his long stint as a player at the top level of tennis, Federer has displayed impressive dedication to the sport. He has always been involved in as many tournaments as physically possible, undoubtedly making numerous sacrifices along the way to be out on the training pitch. In general terms, if you dedicate yourself to your career on a daily and weekly basis, you give yourself the best possible chance of success. Moreover, if you want to reach the very top, sacrifices will have to be made, and you may have to give up some social time in order to fulfill your ambitions.

Therefore, even though most of you will have very different career paths to the one Roger Federer has enjoyed, his professionalism and determination to continue improving can be taken as inspiration for anyone. Following his example may not make you a Wimbledon champion anytime soon, but it can sure help you to reach the top in your career, so go for it!