Recruitment can be difficult at the best of times, and working within the cyber security space is no different. After all, it does involve working with people, and the host of external factors that come with that. What makes the cyber security industry especially challenging is the skills gap currently being experienced. There is a shortage of talent in the market to fill an increasing number of roles.

Additionally, a recent report has found that only one per cent of cyber security professionals are currently unemployed. This means a limited pool to work with, and a necessity to work with candidates already in employment. Despite this not being uncommon, it does mean notice periods and potential counter offers must be negotiated. However, implementing an urgency, as well as certain practices, can help in overcoming the challenges being faced.

Act fast

The demand for cyber security professionals has soared across the UK in 2018, and it shows little sign of slowing down. An increasing number of data breaches is prompting many organisations to look for cyber security specialists to help protect their systems. However, due to the high demand, and shortage of qualified talent, difficulties are being experienced when looking to complete a hire.

Companies must act fast when deciding on a candidate, or risk missing out to a competitor. Due to the plethora of opportunities on the market, candidates are fully aware of their value, and will be dissuaded if they sense any sort of hesitancy from a company. Therefore, acting decisively is of paramount importance in the recruitment process.

Offer attractive salaries

Recent figures have shown that over a third of cyber security professionals consider remuneration as the most likely cause for beginning a job search. Consequently, businesses must offer attractive salaries to gain the attention of an in demand candidate. This is not only to trump the competition, but to be substantial enough to tempt an individual to move away from their current position. As highlighted, the sheer volume of vacancies makes it troublesome to stand out, but offering an enticing salary can go some way to achieving it. The size of the organisation can determine whether this is possible, but if it is, then it should certainly be considered.

Cyber security recruitment is becoming essential for most businesses, and it must be prioritised in order to attain the best individuals on the market.