It is often the case that a company works with more than one recruitment agency. As a result of this, it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from your rival recruiters. You may think that providing the best quality candidates, or making the most placements, should be the deciding factor. However, despite these factors clearly being of vital importance, there are other considerations that come into play too. If you are proving to be the most successful in your work, you are going to build up a positive reputation, not to mention a strong footing with the client. Despite this, there are other things you can do to impress the client and ensure that you are stay firmly within their thoughts. We discuss a few of those below:

Go and visit them!

One of the best things a recruiter can do during the notoriously slower Christmas period is visit their clients. It is often found that work is winding down as many companies start to think about temporary closure. Furthermore, most candidates have shelved plans to job search until the New Year. Consequently, recruiters are likely to be less busy. In reaction to this, it would be advisable to arrange a client meeting during this period. You can gain an insight into the roles that could be available to work after the festive period. Not only this, but your effort to make the trip will be much appreciated by the company itself. Bringing some cakes with you to give out to them wouldn’t do any harm either!

Find out their plans for the next 12 months.

Something else you can do to gain trust and respectability with a client is to engage in future planning. By highlighting that you are not only concerned with the present, you can strengthen your relationship. You can demonstrate commitment to the client by asking them about their plans for the following year. It highlights your eagerness to work with them, as well as your organisational abilities to get ahead of the game. Even if the company is unable to provide you with concrete answers, they will respect you for asking the question. Adversely, if they can, you can start your preparation work to help you deliver quickly in the New Year!

Discover the latest news developments at the company.

When you’re at the client site when you visit, or during a conversation on the phone, there is one way of really impressing them. That is by bringing up something that has happened at their company recently. If you conduct some research on the client, by checking out their website, or their social media, you can gain an insight into their latest news. The company will be impressed with your knowledge about them, and their confidence in you as a recruiter will only be enhanced. Not too many other recruiters will carry out such methods of research, so it can really help you stand out from your competitors.

Wish them a Merry Christmas!

The final way of ensuring that you are the favourite recruiter for a client is also the easiest. By sending your client a ‘Merry Christmas’ message, you are providing a human touch, whilst also displaying goodwill. Even though you may think that every recruiter will do this, many do not. You would imagine that every recruiter will verbally portray this message to their client contact over the phone, but that does not have to be the limit. To be regarded more highly by your client, you should become more creative. By sending a message to them in the post, or even via email, you can display a personal touch which will be very well received.

Therefore, even though the results you achieve are undoubtedly what you are judged on ultimately, there are other ways of impressing your clients this Christmas!