New research has revealed how much time HR directors are spending on recruitment practices. It has been found that they are spending an average of 27.59 days filling open positions within their organisation. As a result, such work is taking away their time from other important duties. Consequently, this leads us to ask, should more companies be using recruiters to fill their roles?

Different stages of the hiring workload:

There are several different stages to the hiring process, which all add up to culminate in the overall amount of time being spent by HR directors.

  • Screening CV’s of all job applicants – 4.77 days. (on average)
  • Interviewing job applicants – 4.75 days.
  • Checking references – 5.19 days.
  • Candidate skills testing – 4.18 days.
  • Collaborating / selecting the candidate for hire – 4.40 days.
  • Negotiating / confirming a job offer with the candidate – 4.30 days.

Start using recruitment agencies?

Therefore, these figures would suggest that more companies would be best served using recruitment agencies. It would free time up for HR directors to positively influence other areas of the business, and would likely lead to a faster overall process. Recruiters specialise in the area you are looking to hire in, and should therefore already have a pipeline of potential candidates to work. Furthermore, being specialists should also mean the hiring process is quicker, which will save the company valuable time. As a result, the cost of using recruiters may well be worth it!

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