January is known to be the time of the year that experiences the most activity in relation to people looking for new job opportunities. Many see the start of a new year as the trigger to consider moving jobs and to start seeking a fresh beginning elsewhere. There are a range of factors that can explain why so many start job seeking. Some will feel that they are being underpaid in their current role, some will dislike management, while others will simply want to progress their career. A recent survey found some interesting results in the number of people looking for new roles currently in the UK.

How many UK workers are considering a change of job?

It was found in the 1,500 UK workers surveyed that 47% of them were considering changing their job at the start of 2017. Even though you expect this figure to be at its highest at this point in the year, the fact that nearly one in two are potentially looking for a change is significant. This figure could have two very different explanations. It may point to the fact that job satisfaction is currently low in the UK, or it may highlight the number of job opportunities currently available in the marketplace.

How many are actually going through with it?

Even though many people may claim to be considering a change of job, it is almost guaranteed that not all of them will actually go through with it. For some, the available positions may not be suitable for them, and for others, they may ultimately decide to remain where they are for the time being. This is shown by the fact that only 28% claimed that changing careers was a current on-going process. However, that still equates to nearly one in three workers actively working on moving elsewhere, suggesting 2017 could witness plenty of job search activity.

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