Advances in technology over recent years has revolutionised how organisations work. Countless benefits have resulted from it, with overall business efficiency being significantly improved. Methods of communication have developed hugely, and many businesses would struggle to function without these technologies. However, that also represents part of the problem. Technology is taken for granted these days, and many cannot imagine a workplace without it. So, what would happen if it was taken away?

Reliance exposed by cyber criminals

One of the biggest threats to the day-to-day running of a business are cyber criminals. They are malicious attackers, looking to gain access to confidential information. In their attempts to achieve this, a number of integral systems can be impacted, with some potentially being closed down. As a result, the overall functioning of business operations can stand to a halt, as seen with some major cases recently. Organisations have lost a substantial amount of money after suffering a breach, as they have been unable to partake in their normal activities.

By being unable to function properly, cyber attacks have exposed the reliance businesses have on technology. They have highlighted how damaging a breach is, and why organisations are so keen to avoid such a scenario happening to them. You can understand a hacker being able to cause disruption to a business, but complete immobilisation? Surely they should not have the possibility to achieve this? Due to the interconnection of so many systems within a network, one breach can result in complete shutdown.

Vulnerabilities are everywhere

Cyber criminals pose a very real threat to businesses, but they are by no means the only source of vulnerability to technology. There is always the risk of internal errors taking place, infrastructure could be damaged in the event of a natural disaster, and technology can sometimes simply fail. All these potential occurrences are completely plausible, and avoiding any of these would be extremely fortunate. Most businesses will suffer as a result of at least one of the mentioned scenarios, which always prompts a desperate impatience for systems to get back up and running.

Such impatience highlights the over-reliance businesses have on technology. The fear of suffering from a cyber attack has only heightened this point.