With the rise of coronavirus COVID-19, businesses around the world are facing major disruptions. They are struggling to continue business operations and secure their corporate assets. At the same time, employees are combating a tough fight against the virus itself. To make things worse, cyber criminals are riding on this opportunity, trying to make the most of the situation. 

Apart from the increase in malicious messages, experts observed a form of attack budding on the fear of purported unreleased cures for coronavirus.

Amid the spread of this global pandemic, employers are tossing between allowing their employees to work from home or continue to operate from the established offices. Regardless, organizations need to consider the risks associated with their data security and data privacy in the wake of potential impact.

As coronavirus is not only affecting one’s health but also the continuous growth of businesses, it is time for businesses to expand their IT disaster recovery and contingency plans to address unforeseen scenarios. We all need a plan that covers all possible types of fabricated attacks during the rapid emerging outbreak of COVID-19.