The Worldwide Cyber Security market is expected to reach $167 billion by the end of 2019, and it is only going to grown larger from there, given the number of attacks and the amount of wealth stored online. There line between physical and digital is being blurred more, and criminals are following the money. Often enough, the trail leads to businesses just like yours.

Hackers can automate attacks through bots, malicious websites and similar tools. An attack occurs on a computer with internet access every 39 seconds on average according to study by the University of Maryland. Now you can consider how many computers your business uses and do the math on that for a second.

On the FBI’s most wanted page, there are 41 Cyber Criminals. They are wanted for crimes ranging from intellectual property theft to members of well-known Cyber Crime gangs.

According to Business Insider, there will be 24 billion connected (and therefor exploitable) devices installed on the planet by 2020. That will be an estimated 3.2 devices per person living on the planet. How many devices does your business use, and are they all optimally protected?

On a governmental scale, Cyber Crime is considered a constant threat. This concept is difficult to quantify, but the barriers to entry for Cyber Crime are getting lower as more tools become available to the average person.

Small business are often easy prey for Cyber Criminals. They often dont make Cyber Security a top priority and their limited resources prevent the from putting in place the absolute best practices and programs to protect them.

A successful Cyber Attack or Data Breach involving your business can cost you millions, which could bankrupt your business. Unless every employee is trained in proper Cyber Security practises, your entire business is at risk. Most Cyber Crimes doesn’t necessarily occur through hacking and computer work as shown in movies, Consider most Cyber Criminals one-part hackers and two-parts con artist, using social engineering and confidence tactics to get inside your company.