In an age of ever-increasing cyber frauds and attacks, one of the most sought after jobs is that of cyber security professionals. As the demand for the professionals increase across different sectors, supply is able to meet only one-tenth of the demand.

In this age of data, it is imperative that data management and security are amongst the top priorities for large companies. Information is more vulnerable than ever, and stringent protocols, backed by solid defence technologies are being adapted to safeguard the companies from cyber attacks. Most governments are striving for a digitalised economy, and this boosts the cyber security sector.

There has been a 10-15% increase in demand for cyber security professionals across sectors. Demand for security professionals will increase in all sectors due to the unprecedented rise in the number of cyber attacks.

More urgent priority for some industry sectors

Every industry needs an IT security professional, but some industries are in greater need of cyber security than others. Any company that operates online needs security support. As technology evolves, the scope for security breaches increases hand-in-hand as attackers constantly come up with new ways to work across firewalls and security barriers.

Government offices are a hotspot for cyber security professionals with all the confidential and highly sensitive information they handle on a daily basis, especially in the defence domain. Governments everywhere are becoming extremely mindful of cyber attacks from terrorist groups, foreign entities or any other group looking to hurt the country or the government, or acquire privileged information.

Banking and finance is another sector which immediately requires cyber security after the move to digital banking and payments. In case there is a security breach at a bank, not only the money but also the private information could get stolen. In such cases, the banks as well as the customers face the brunt of the breach, making it extremely important to employ as many security measures as possible.

Healthcare and retail are also sectors that need the help of these professionals.

Source: Deccan Chronicle