Experts in cyber security are concerned that a lack of security in small companies and start-ups creates room for attacks.

The concern comes from IT industry experts that are pushing for companies to pay more attention to securing their infrastructure.

Giovanni Polizzi, Energy Solutions Manager at technology company Indra, said small companies were using insufficient security systems.

“A lot of start-ups, in Australia especially, are using devices, which are connected into these energy resources, which have absolutely not undergone any kind of cyber security survey or assessment,” he said.

Paying low prices

In the retail market, companies offering cyber security had to go low in prices for businesses to buy security systems, said Polizzi.

“Companies buy electric boards from the Chinese market, which are often open design, so very easy to duplicate –  there’s no security,” he said.

There were concerns the network could be destabilised due to poor systems, said Polizzi.

“Are we worried about the security of this device that people can almost buy at the supermarkets and that can be controlled by cloud solutions or by other kind of centralised solutions?” Indra was looking to find a best practice solution along with Monash University, he said.

Poor quality security

But in the meantime, companies are buying low-quality security, despite cyber security being on the top of their minds.

Frost and Sullivan, industry director at analyst firm Frost and Sullivan, Ivan Fernandez, said the firm did a global survey of key IT decisions makers in the energy space, which asked companies what their top challenges were.

“The number one challenge from them, was not about aligning IT with the business or systems integration or compliance. It was simply security. In terms of security their concerns were around espionage, cyber warfare, malware, cloud [and] IoT,” said Fernandez.

“The challenge we found with quite a few of those conversations with a lot of these entities was that they did not have understanding and expertise in-house on matters of cyber security,” he said.

Source: Belden Inc.