Recent research has found that 70% of employees working in the UK would consider leaving their current job. Out of that figure, 24% are actively looking for new opportunities, with a further 46% passively looking. When employees working across Europe were surveyed, the figure dropped to 60% in relation to being open to leaving their current role. Furthermore, UK employees also proved to be less devoted to their place of work. Only 48% said they were completely loyal to their current employer. The average across Europe for this question was 58%. This highlights how UK workers feel less inclined to maintain loyalty in a job.

These findings reflect a large sample, with over 8,500 employers and employees surveyed across 13 different countries. Therefore, the statistics paint a significant reflection of the overall market landscape currently.

Why are UK employees more willing to change jobs?

Despite there being various individual reasons why an employee may want to move jobs, two clear motivations are evident from the report. A lack of value, and a lack of purpose. It was found that 62% of UK employees did not feel valued at work. This was significantly higher than the 44% recorded by German employees. Moreover, 54% of UK workers do not feel purposeful, while 62% also feel like job security is non-existent today.

However, an end to such feelings of discontent is unlikely to occur in the near future. 56% of employers surveyed believe that their workforce feel valued, and 61% think they feel purposeful. As we can see from above, in reality, this is not the case. Clearly, this is the crux of the problem, with their being a complete mismatch between what employers believe is going through the minds of their employees, compared to what actually is. Until more start to realise what is actually going on, these high figures are likely to continue.

Source: Recruitment Buzz