The job of a recruiter can be tough in the best of circumstances. However, there are things that can make it even tougher. One of those is the reputation of the company they are representing. If their employer brand has been tarnished for whatever reason, the recruiter will find it even tougher to sell the position to candidates. This is especially true if they are recruiting for a well known company, as more people will be aware of what has happened to them. As a result, this can alter the role of a recruiter significantly, with the process becoming much more complex. Some of the difficulties posed in these instances are discussed below:

Makes it difficult to attract qualified candidates for a position.

Having a negative employer brand can make it extremely difficult for a recruiter to attract the level of candidate that is desired by the company. The reason for this is that most high level candidates will want to work for a company that will not reflect badly on themselves. As a result, these candidates will turn down any approaches from the recruiter when the name of the company is disclosed to them. The recruiter can attempt to persuade a candidate that they are still an exciting company to work for, but the current negative employer brand can make this process difficult to pull off. Therefore, the recruiter’s job is made very challenging as a result of the circumstances they are working in.

Extra emphasis must be placed on the company benefits and culture.

Due to the current negative employer brand, the recruiter is required to spend more time outlining and expressing the benefits that are available at the company. Even though this always needs to be the case for every candidate interested in any company, an extra emphasis must be placed in such circumstances. This is in the hope of persuading the candidate that the company is still an attractive proposition. Furthermore, the recruiter will also look to outline the positive company culture to a candidate, in an attempt to portray that they would be joining a business that is fun to work for. Therefore, even though expressing the company benefits and culture is standard for a recruiter, more effort is required in these situations.

Can result in more candidates dropping out during the hiring process.

One of the biggest frustrations for recruiters are candidates dropping out at the interview or offer stage of the hiring process. Even though this can happen when working with any client, the prospect becomes more likely if working with a company with a negative employer brand. A candidate may discover what has happened with the company at varying points in the process, which can lead to them dropping out from the opportunity. These occurrences are a real setback for a recruiter, and it results in them having to go back to the drawing board. Such drop-outs can even take place after an offer is made to a candidate, which acts as a crushing blow to them.

Could the salary on offer be affected, meaning a lower fee for the recruitment agency?

Due to the negative employer brand, the company’s performance may have been affected, resulting in less revenue being generated. Consequently, it may mean that they are unable to compete on salaries with their competitors, making the job of the recruiter even tougher. They will be forced to try and persuade candidates that the salary is reasonable, even though this is likely to be a major challenge. Moreover, due to the potential lower salaries, it results in lower fees for the recruiter, which could prompt them to stop working the roles. Therefore, this emphasis the importance of the employer brand in influencing the job of a recruiter.

So, make sure you maintain a positive reputation if you want to attract the best candidates!