New research has been carried out by totaljobs, looking at how long employers generally take to make their mind up about an interviewee. It’s well documented that first impressions can often play a crucial part, and the findings certainly back this up. The research revealed that 19% of employers make a decision about a candidate just one minute after meeting them. This is quite astonishing, and highlights the importance of coming across well during the initial contact. Furthermore, 44% of employers claimed they came to a decision after 15 minutes of the interview starting, with just 32% making a judgement after the interview had concluded.

What are the biggest interview mistakes?

Even though there are a number of potential pitfalls for an interviewee, some have been identified as more prevalent than others. The most common of those was not understanding the role they had applied for, with 24% of employers mentioning this mistake. Close behind was a lack of research on the company with 22%, and turning up for the interview late. (16%) Not being able to discuss their own CV completes the list with 15%.

Which aspects does an interviewee get most judged on?

A range of aspects are considered when a final decision is made on the suitability of a candidate for the position they are interviewing for. Unsurprisingly, how well the questions are answered was the most popular barometer that was assessed by employers, with 30%. The most important factor for 20% of employers was experience and qualifications, with a candidate’s attitude and cultural fit also coming out on top for nearly a fifth of employers.

How can these common pitfalls be reduced?

Even though nerves can play an integral role in preventing an interviewee from presenting themselves in their best light, there are ways of making candidates feel more relaxed. 29% of candidates involved in the research stated that holding the interview in a less formal setting would allow them to perform better. Moreover, 22% claimed a smile would put them more at ease, with 9% saying a joke would make them feel more relaxed.

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