If 2018 belonged to AI becoming mainstream, it was also a year marked with high-profile cyber threats and breaches. Facebook, the social networking giant, invited the wrath of government agencies and the public alike when the alleged breach exposed close to 50 million of its users’ data. The attackers allegedly gained access to the users’ ID exploiting a feature in Facebook’s code.

With attackers readying to exploit every loophole in the cyber space, security breaches in 2019 are only going to be more ubiquitous. Taking all this into consideration, the need for organisations and governments to safe-proof their existing cyber infrastructure has become increasingly important.

Role of a Data Protector

Given the current cyber security landscape, the role of a threat hunter or cyber security threat analyst is only going to be more prominent in 2019, as the fact attackers are going to turn to AI and ML as a means to target people.

A threat hunter is essentially a security professional who uses manual or machine-assisted techniques to detect security threats in automated systems that would have been overlooked by a CISO or CIO. In other words, s/he provides an additional layer of defence against advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Knowledge is power

One of the major aspects that define a threat hunter’s profession is his field of knowledge, as s/he is expected to have a thorough understanding of the working model of the business along with creative skills to interpret and communicate data effectively. One of the primary roles as a threat hunter is to deal with a large pool of data from which the person has to mine, pool and extract an organisation’s metadata.

In order to deliver the responsibilities, the cyber security threat analyst will have to work with different kinds of software and tools to identify threats and possible adversaries. S/he also has to constantly monitor security tools such as firewall, antivirus among many other key features revolving around security.

With companies investing millions to safeguard their assets, the role of a threat hunter or cyber security analyst is only going to be more pervasive in 2019.

Source: Analytics India Magazine