There’s nothing better than looking at the team around you that you’ve built and seeing everyone working in unison.

But how do you ensure the best in your business stick around?

It’s time for a more DIRECT approach.


It’s all well and good having an employee who comes in and hits the ground running, but how far can that talent go?
A huge mistake that employers often make is forgetting to offer progression and upskilling.
Whether it be offering a budget for training that your employees can spend on courses or seminars they’d like to attend or allowing for half a day to be spent completing online certifications.

Not only will this upskill and motivate your employee, but it’ll make them feel very valued, meaning they’re more likely to be loyal to you and your business.


Investing in your employee is paramount to them building loyalty to your business and putting their all into the role.

Ask yourself, are people seeing the rewards of the hard work they’re doing? People may not always speak up and ask to be praised but it’s your job as a business to ensure they are being appropriately rewarded.

The money it’ll cost you to give a raise to or promote your top performers is much less than the money it’ll cost to lose and have to replace the integral parts of your team.


On average, we spend over 90,000 hours of our lives at work. That means that we are spending time with our colleagues than our families. Therefore, it can make a huge difference to an employees commitment to your company if they are welcomed by their peers and management.

Managing someone goes beyond telling them what to do, especially if you want them to stay with your company. As the old saying goes ‘people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses’.

Taking the time to form relationships with your employees and supporting them will give them the feeling that they are valued and will make them more likely to put 100% into their role.


It’s one thing micromanaging and bossing someone around, but to nurture and encourage is key. It’s in your best interest that your staff are the best they can be, so if they show an interest in trying something new, you should support and enourage them.

If they are given flexibility and creative freedom, it’s going to mean they are less likely to leave to fufill those goals elsewhere.

Aside from this, you shoudl aso ecourage your employees to prioritise their health. If you feel someone is working too hard or is skipping their lunch, encourage them to take a break. This kind of support will work wonders on their mental health.


Having bored employees is never a good thing. Not only will they feel demotivated but they may become lazy if given nothing to do or being given the same task repeatedly.

See what other areas they might excel in and push them to explore new approaches or skills.


Last but not least, it’s time to be grateful.

It an be easy to forget to thank the people who work in your business but sometimes a little recognition goes a long way.

This can be extra useful when it comes to employees that have been with your company for a long time. Reward them for their commitment and make sure they know their work is valued and appreciated.

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