Christmas is now less than a week away, meaning the number of shoppers is at its highest point in the calendar year. Thousands of purchases are made every single second, as gifts for family and friends are acquired. As a result, you often hear about an increased threat being posed by cyber criminals, looking to take advantage of the festive spending. Such threats include phishing scams, malicious websites and implanted malware, all having the objective of stealing sensitive information. Furthermore, as we get closer to Christmas, online spending becomes frantic, as individuals look to complete their last minute shopping. The risk is even higher during this period, as less notice is taken of potential scams amidst the chaos.

Acting as a template

What has also been apparent over recent weeks is an increase in the number of warnings being sounded to retailers regarding the cyber threat in the lead up to Christmas. Due to the inevitable hike in traffic on their sites, payment security protocols have been highlighted as an area of priority. Despite this being good advice, with sales expected to rise significantly, such cyber security should be encouraged throughout the year. Even though the risk is enhanced during this busy period, the threat never disappears. Therefore, any processes introduced to aid security should be maintained, acting as a template to follow on a permanent basis.

Setting yourself up for a fall

As discussed, the threat of suffering a cyber attack never evaporates. Consequently, some businesses may be setting themselves up for a fall during 2019. By making an obvious effort to increase cyber security during the festive period, firms are at risk of being targeted once next year is underway. After making such a concerted effort to improve their processes over recent weeks, there is a big possibility that such an emphasis will be lost once January comes around. This is something cyber criminals will be acutely aware of, leading to them ramping up their efforts to exploit any vulnerabilities they can find.

It’s vitally important to ensure you don’t fall into such a trap once 2019 begins, so make sure you maintain your vigilance on security each and every day moving forward. You won’t regret it.