But don’t worry, it is a simulation to highlight the complexities around cyber security and explain what brokers can do to assist their clients.

Brokers pay attention because the Insurance Age website will be hacked on 26 April this year by our very own cyber demon Jonathan Swift.

Do not be alarmed by this development. The hack is a simulation designed to outline how brokers should be developing their knowledge of the cyber market in order to best help their clients.

Join in with this exciting Cyber Virtual Summit to find everything you need to know about cyber insurance.


We are all familiar with hacks.

Or when identity data was stolen from the extra-marital affair website Ashley Madison in 2015 – an event that affected 37 million users?

Even the NHS has been impacted – it was hit by the global WannaCry ransomware attack last year and it left staff turning patients away and resorting to pen and paper.

It is clear cyber knowledge is now an essential part of a broker’s tool kit.

With that in mind, and association with Aviva, Insurance Age will host a series of webinars and briefings online to uncover the most pressing issues in the cyber insurance market.


What is ransomware? What are the main impacts of a hack on a business or person? Who are the targets? What do hackers achieve from breaking into a cyber system?

The day will aim to answer all these questions and provide answers on how brokers can advise their clients in order to keep them protected. It will also examine the type of cover required and address how this new insurance line is developing.

Learn from the UK’s number one ethical hacker and keynote speaker Jamie Woodruff, who once hacked into Facebook.

And hear from cyber expert Alistair Murray of The Bureau who will share the most up-to-date information on how businesses can protect themselves from cyber threats.

The Virtual Cyber Summit will also feature four in depth webinars where expert panels will demystify and debate key questions such as:

  • Getting to grips with cyber: What do you need to know?
  • How to sell cyber insurance?
  • What is the role of the broker in preventing a cyber attack?
  • Cyber today, cyber tomorrow? How can brokers address the future of this evolving market?

During the day Insurance Age content director Jonathan Swift will also take over the website to demonstrate the wide range of ways criminals can use cyber skills to steal information, take money or eavesdrop into confidential conversations.

Source: Insurance Age