Have you got an upcoming job interview?

If so, this blog is for you.

There are hundreds of job interviews happening all the time across the UK, yet there is still the perception that they should be dreaded. This perception is even held by those who have had several experiences with interviews in the past. But why?

Interviews should be embraced, not dreaded. Here’s why:

A chance to get yourself a job.

This may sound patronising, but an interview is an opportunity for you to get yourself a job. That is the reason why you are there, and if you have been given the interview in the first place, the employer must believe that you are in with a chance of being successful. Therefore, you should see an interview as a chance to land the job you are looking for, (hence being at the interview at all) meaning it is something you should be looking forward to, not dreading.

Everyone wants you to succeed.

Another reason why you should not dread a job interview is the fact that everyone involved wants you to be successful. (Apart from other potential candidates!) Therefore, you should take comfort from the fact that the employer actually wants you to perform well. When they are asking you tricky questions, they are just testing your ability to answer their questions effectively, not trying to catch you out.

It will show in the interview.

If you really are dreading an interview, that is likely to come across when you are in with the hiring manager. It is likely that you will come across as too nervous, or you will hesitate too much when asked questions. Furthermore, the quality of your responses are likely to be reduced, as you look to finish the interview as quickly as possible. Therefore, you are giving yourself a lot less chance of being offered the position by dreading the interview, due to confidence and enthusiasm being two of the biggest things that are looked for during the process.

It really is just a chat..

Finally, even though some interviews involve a test or practical assessments, most are literally just a chat between yourself and one or two hiring managers. Therefore, there really is nothing to worry about. Most businesses will be very warm and welcoming when they have someone in for interview, which should put you at ease from the outset. From then on, it is just a matter of you coming across in the right way when you sit down for the interview, answer the questions asked as well as you can, and you’re on your way to a winner!

Simple, right?