Secuity for Jobseekers

A recent study carried out by the job site Indeed has found some intriguing results as we look ahead to 2017. Research was conducted among jobseekers throughout the UK. They were asked about their biggest motivation for looking for a new opportunity, and there was a surprising outcome. It was found that 54.3% of jobseekers were motivated by job security, whereas only 18.9% cited salary as the main trigger for looking elsewhere.

Which factors were the most popular?

There were several more popular motivators for job searching than salary, with location, flexibility and career progression all ranking higher. Consequently, these findings highlight the altering priorities of jobseekers in 2017. It is certainly not all about the salary on offer anymore.

When analysed further, the results also found a difference between males and females. Job security was the most important factor for 59.6% of men, compared to 50% of women. Furthermore, even less women saw salary as the main factor, despite the figures for men already being low enough.

What are the possible explanations?

These findings are likely to have been caused as a result of the current uncertainty being felt. The recent Brexit decision has left many workers in the UK unsure about their future prospects. Moreover, this is only likely to increase once the UK officially leaves the EU. 58% of jobseekers claimed that general economic and social conditions have affected their job security, prompting them to seek pastures new.

As a result, it is clear that businesses are going to have to consider much more than just offering a competitive salary when looking to retain their staff this year. Employees are now much more interested in the entire package on offer, including flexibility and development opportunities. However, ensuring staff feel secure in their position looks like being the biggest priority of all in 2017.

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