There are numerous avenues to explore for those looking for a new job. Most traditionally, jobseekers will look through the many job boards in the hope of finding a role that suits them. Additionally, they may visit the sites of recruitment agencies to discover the current live vacancies they have on their books. They may also look directly on the websites of large companies to see if there are any openings available to them. However, one resource that is not being exploited enough is social media. Even though social recruiting has taken on added significance in the recent past, there is still a sense that it is not being utilised as much as it could be. Here are some reasons why social media should start becoming more prominent in the minds of jobseekers:

Amount of jobs being posted every single day.

Social media has become something that is being used by the majority of companies and recruitment agencies. It is seen as an important way of attracting potential candidates to their roles. Consequently, there are a large number of new jobs being posted every day. An obvious conclusion to this is that more jobseekers should be searching for roles across the social platforms. The mere quantity of advertised positions means you are likely to come across several opportunities that interest you.

Such searching can be done effectively on Twitter by using the hashtag functionality. By searching for the specific role you are looking for, you should be able to find a range of job vacancy postings that include the information you are seeking. There are also countless roles advertised on Facebook and LinkedIn that you can take a look through, meaning you have access to various platforms that could assist your job search.

More likely to be up-to-date roles.

One of the problems that can be found by looking for new opportunities on job boards, websites of companies or recruitment agencies, is that the roles being advertised may not be up-to-date. It is likely that some of the positions have already been filled, which would make applying for those roles a waste of time. A reason why this happens is that companies may not regularly update the jobs they have advertised on their websites, leading to jobseekers still believing they are live. In contrast, you can be confident that the jobs promoted on social media are still available, as they would not have been posted otherwise. As long as the post is recent, you can be confident that applying for the role will prove worthwhile. Therefore, searching for jobs on social media is likely to be more reliable than the other resources available to use.

Easier to interact by expressing your interest.

Even though you can apply for the roles posted on job boards, it is difficult to interact with the company in question and emphasise your interest in the position. It is purely a case of your CV being one of the many received by the company, and you must rely on this to stand out from the crowd. However, this does not have to be the case when applying for roles through social media.

By utilising the social platforms, you can request to a private conversation on the platform, where you can emphasise your suitability and interest in the position. Additionally, you can simply reply to the job posting, or like the post, as an indicator of your genuine interest. As a result, it is likely that you will be considered more seriously, or at the very least remembered more clearly, which will do no harm to your chances of landing an interview.

Therefore, it is clear that social media is an effective resource to assist your job search. It is also apparent that it should be taken advantage of more than it is currently. However, there is still a responsibility on the company advertising their roles to ensure that their posts are easily found by relevant searches on social media. Furthermore, companies should also avoid spamming all their current vacancies across the platforms, as people will not want to go through such a long list. As a result, it requires a shared effort by companies and job seekers alike to ensure that social media becomes an even more useful tool that will be of benefit to all concerned.