During my school days, I spent three years learning French, before going on to study Spanish at GCSE level. I soon discovered that attempting a different language is far from straightforward. Despite that, I performed well in almost all the assessments I undertook. A real sense of accomplishment always surrounded my successes in speaking another language, and I envy those who can speak fluently in more than just their native tongue. The reason for this is, despite being able to remember the terminology during the time of my studies, much of what I learnt has now been forgotten. There is a difference between knowing something, and really knowing something. For those who really do know more than one language, it can be of real benefit to your career.

Helps you stand out from the crowd.

For positions that are in high demand, employers may look for distinguishing features in a candidates’ CV, and being multilingual can certainly be included as one of them. Recent research has found that only 25% of people living in the UK are able to speak more than one language. Therefore, this can be a feature to separate you from similar calibre candidates in the market. Even though being multilingual is unlikely to be a requirement for most roles, it can still give a positive impression. It illustrates that you’re a dedicated individual, as it takes a lot of hard work to become a fluent speaker in multiple languages. A trait not to be sniffed at.

Global appeal, and relationships, become more achieveable for a company.

Many companies who work on a national scale have designs to enter the international market to accelerate their growth. However, this can often prove challenging, due to the range of obstacles that must be overcome. An obvious barrier is language. Even though many people around the globe are able to speak English, this won’t be the case universally. As a result, if you can display your ability to speak different languages, employers are likely to be impressed. They will feel that you can add great value to their business on an international scale, with comfortable communication suddenly becoming possible. It certainly won’t harm your chances of success.

Opens up your career possibilities…

Being able to speak multiple languages can literally open up a world of opportunities. If living abroad was something which interested you, it would become much more plausible by being multilingual. By being able to speak the language, finding a job in the particular country would become much easier. Therefore, you can broaden your job search significantly. Even if you weren’t looking for work outside of the UK, it can still provide you with attractive chances to travel. A company may want to use your language abilities to develop relationships abroad, meaning you get to see the world whilst working. Not bad eh?

Time to give it a go?

A recent survey surrounding the issue of learning another language delivered some interesting statistics. 28% of UK adults claimed that they didn’t have the time to learn a different language, while 24% simply stated that it was too difficult. Consequently, if you did decide to partake in the challenge, you would not only stand apart from the large majority, but also vastly enhance your career prospects. ¡Fantástico!