Ever wondered which cities in the UK had the best bosses to work for?

A survey carried out on 1,024 UK employees, has sought to found out just that. Employees have been asked for their opinions of their bosses. A selection of categories, which ranged from ‘excellent’ to ‘poor’, were provided. Even though these findings are not completely representative, such a large sample does give an idea of the general feeling.

Which locations come out on top?

It was found that workers based in Manchester had the highest opinions of their bosses. 63% of employees in the city described their manager as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. These locations make up the remainder of the top 10:

  • Southampton – 62%.
  • Leeds – 61%.
  • London – 58%.
  • Glasgow – 57%.
  • Plymouth – 56%.
  • Nottingham – 55%.
  • Norwich – 55%.
  • Liverpool – 54%.
  • Sheffield – 53%.

Nationally, the average figure that describes the performance of their boss as positive stands at 56%. As a result, many bosses in the UK can be pleased with how they are coming across to their employees. There are several benefits provided by this, with the major positive being productivity. Staff that are happy with the way they’re being treated will usually work harder. Consequently, the quality of the work produced is likely to be enhanced. Furthermore, a happy workforce generally leads to less members of the team looking to leave, leading to retention rates being improved.

Not all good news for bosses…

However, 13% of employees surveyed described their boss as ‘poor’. Even though this may seem like a small figure, it does equate to more than one in ten. This is concerning, as it highlights just how many bosses in the UK need to improve their performance. Such businesses are risking a high turnover of staff, with many likely to be on the lookout for new opportunities. If this is the case, significant costs will be generated for these organisations, as they will be forced to seek adequate replacements. Either that, or they improve the treatment of their staff, and quickly.

Source: Recruitment Buzz