Research carried out by the UK’s largest job site CV Library has found that those working in London remain the poorest in Britain. This is despite the fact that Londoners continue to earn the highest average salaries in the UK. It was found, based on new roles advertised in the third quarter of 2016, that average annual salaries in London stood at £37,408. This was a significant 13.2% higher than the national average of £32,596 per year. Therefore, it is clear from these figures that the costs of living in the capital are much higher than anywhere else in Britain. Such costs have meant less disposable income being available to workers in London.

UK workers compared…

The average remaining income was also compared across the key cities in the UK, and the results were intriguing:

  • In Glasgow, the average monthly salary is £2,157.56, with monthly costs totalling £927.60, meaning the average remaining income comes to an impressive £1,230.
  • In Manchester, the salary average per month is £1,988.58, with costs of £1,024.00, resulting in the remaining disposal income being £965.
  • Finally, in London, the average monthly salary is £2,383.72, but costs average out at a substantial £2,318.60, leading to a UK low remaining income of just £65.

Consequently, it is clear that those people working in London often have well paid jobs, but that is countered by astronomical living costs, leaving them with little disposable income. This is a significant concern, and it is easy to understand why advertised jobs in London can often be seen to be higher than other cities in the UK.

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