There are countless recruitment agencies throughout the UK. They all have similar objectives – place as many candidates into jobs as possible.

Therefore, how do you make your recruitment business stand out from the rest?

This can be a difficult challenge, as all recruiters make promises that they are the best people to work with, and that they work differently to some of the less ethical recruiters out there. As a result, it often comes down to actions speaking louder than words. Want people to see your recruitment business as the best? Prove it.

Here are some of the things to do to make sure your recruitment company stands out:

1) Actually be transparent in your processes.

All recruiters say that they are completely transparent in their work, and that they only tell you the truth regarding their clients. However, that is not always the case. In the desperation to place a candidate, some recruiters over-emphasise the benefits of working for a business, and this is often found out very early on in the hiring process. Therefore, if a recruiter always backs up what they claim, they will start to gain a positive reputation for being honest and realistic, two components that are much appreciated, and expected, from candidates. As a result, actually proving that you are transparent in your work can do wonders for how your business is looked upon.

2) Candidate word of mouth.

Another way that a recruitment business can build a positive reputation is from the words of candidates. If a candidate has been placed, then it is likely that they have built up a positive relationship with a recruiter. As a result, they will always speak well of the recruiter in question, which will reflect well on the recruitment company. It is also likely that they will recommend the recruiter to anybody they know that is looking for a new job. This will lead to more recognition for a business, which should lead to increased success. Even if a candidate did not get placed, they may still speak fondly of a recruiter if the candidate experience they endured was positive. Therefore, candidate word of mouth can be very important in you being regarded as one of the best recruitment businesses to get in touch with.

3) Having candidates’ interests at heart.

All recruiters say that they always work with the interests of job candidates at heart. However, that is not always reflected in the way that they behave. Some recruiters show less interest in the personal circumstances of their candidates, and only focus on their attempts to place them in a job. As a result, they fail to build as strong a relationship with their candidates as other recruiters, meaning they are not looked upon as favourably. Adversely, some recruiters make it a priority to understand exactly what candidates want, and which roles would or would not suit them. These recruiters are seen in a better light by candidates, highlighting the positive effects this can have on how a recruitment business is looked upon.

4) Maintaining regular contact with placed candidates.

Finally, keeping contact with a candidate you have placed in a job on a regular basis can help a recruitment business to stand out. Many recruiters will only contact a placed candidate if they hear of any problems, while others keep in contact more regularly. The ones that talk to candidates about how they are getting on, and if they have any problems, are thought of much more highly than those that do not. These recruiters will build up a reputation for not forgetting about a candidate, even when they have already been placed. This will be looked upon positively, and will reflect well on a recruitment company as a whole. So don’t forget about candidates you have placed!

Therefore, even though recruitment is an extremely competitive market, there are ways of making your business stand out from the crowd.

  • Be transparent.
  • Act in a way that results in a positive candidate word of mouth.
  • Have the interests of candidates at heart.
  • Maintain contact with placed candidates.

How hard can that be!?