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Recruitment is an extremely important element of business performance. It is often the difference between success and failure. If the right staff are brought in, it should have a positive effect on the results obtained. Adversely, if the wrong employees are hired, it often results in detriment to the success of a company. Therefore, it is crucial that the hiring process is thorough and prioritised. There are a considerable amount of potential problems that can come as a result of poor recruitment, with a few of these highlighted below:

Interruptions to workflow

If the staff being brought into a business are not of the required standard, the workflow can be negatively affected. Even though you may think that one new member of staff not being able to do the job properly cannot be too detrimental to a business, it can be the case. The reason could be that the person has an important role in the overall processes of the company. Therefore, if they cannot perform at the level they claimed they could at interview, workflow problems are likely to occur. As a result, a business should be thorough in the hiring process, to distinguish that a person is up to the responsibilities of the role.

Issues created with existing employees

Another significant problem that can be caused by recruiting unsuited members of staff is that issues can start to emerge with existing employees. These problems can take place if the new hire is not the right culture fit for a company. Even though this question should be determined during interview, it can be different when the person actually starts. They may not be suited to the environment created by the existing workforce. Therefore, there may be a clash of personalities, and this can create tension. Consequently, the work being carried out by employees already at the company could take a hit, damaging the performance of a business. As a result, a business must ensure that the personality fit is appropriate, as damaging issues can be caused if not.

Wasted time and training costs

The amount of time spent on the hiring process, and on training new starters, means that recruitment must be taken seriously. There can sometimes be several interview stages, where a lot of time is spent on determining the right fit for the company. After an offer has been made to a candidate, substantial training takes place, which can often take key members of staff away from their normal duties. As a consequence, if it is recognised early on that a candidate is not right, all this time and money will have been for nothing. Therefore, a business must recruit the right candidates to avoid this situation taking place.

Not a good look for a company

Finally, poor recruitment can lead to a negative impression being created about a business. If it is recognised that a company has a high turnover of staff, it may suggest that they are not a stable outfit. This could act as a deterrent to future potential candidates that are suitable for them. If they see that numerous previous staff members have come and gone in the recent past, they may decide against joining the company. Significantly, this can create more problems when a business is looking to hire in the future. If higher calibre candidates are put off joining, a business may be forced to settle for the lower quality talent on the market. If that does occur, there is a higher chance of these candidates not ultimately proving suitable for the role, which could result in further turnover of staff being experienced.