The average starting salaries for professional roles have risen at a rate of 3.68% in the past 3 years. Such roles are found in the finance, accounting, financial services, technology and administration sectors. Furthermore, these salaries are expected to grow by a further 2.1% in 2017.

Technology Salary Increases:

  • Developers have seen a 4.5% increase.
  • Mobile Application Developers have seen a 4.3% increase.
  • Junior Developers have seen a 4.2% increase.

Administration / Office Support Salary Increases:

  • Telesales has seen a 3.2% increase.
  • Customer Service Supervisors have seen a 2.6% increase.
  • Sales Assistants have seen a 2.4% increase.

Rises in technology have been well documented over recent years, and the importance of having the top talent is highlighted by these figures. Roles in administration clearly also remain crucial to any business success, seen by the impressive rise in salaries within these positions.

These salary advancements are of course a positive step forward for those involved in these industries. However, it also highlights how the economy is remaining prosperous. This is significant news for the recruiters working in these sectors as higher salaries for these candidates should result in higher fees being received for every placement made.

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