There are many ways that a person can realise what their dream job would be. For some, they know from a very young age what they want to do when they grow up. For others, they find out through experience, and finding out how much they enjoy what they’re doing. However, there is a more unorthodox way that people can discover their passion, and that can be through a hate for their current job. For many, they can realise very early on that their current job is not for them, but at the same time, they can find out what they are looking for in a future career. Find out three ways that this can happen here:

Motivation to get a better job:

If a person is in a job they really hate, the obvious thing most people would do is look for something better elsewhere, in the hope they would find a new role more enjoyable. However, even though it will not always work out like this, such motivation to get a better job for yourself can lead to a person discovering their dream position. Therefore, you can often find that because of the higher levels of motivation to better their careers, these people can have a better chance of finding their passion in their next role.

Directed towards your dream role:

Having a job you hate can also have a more direct part to play in a person finding their dream role. This can be in the form of a person realising what they really want to do, based on what they really do not enjoy doing currently. As a result, having a job you really dislike can lead to a person actively seeking the dream position they are now looking for, meaning it has indirectly been the trigger for their intentions. Consequently, having a job you hate can direct you towards the job you are looking for in the future.

Watching a colleague from a different team in the company:

Another way that a person can realise what their dream job would be is by noticing the work of a colleague, who is working in a different team to themselves. In these instances, the other person is often working in a position that looks more appealing to them, meaning they pursue that role as a potential future position. In doing so, the person may realise that they really enjoy the new role, and that their dream job was looking at them in the face. Therefore, even looking at a colleague from a different team can lead to a person’s dream position being found.

Therefore, even though you may hate the job you are currently in, there is still hope that it can help you find your dream role in the future. Even though this can often not be the case, the points discussed are worth looking into, as it may be that, by looking at the different role of a colleague, or by gaining motivation and drive to pursue a more rewarding career elsewhere, it may indirectly assist you in your attempts to find your dream position moving forward!