There has long been an incorrect preconception that all recruiters are only motivated by making money, and have little interest in the personnel involved. Of course, the financial aspect of recruitment is important, as it is for people working in most industries. However, to say that this is the sole reason why recruiters come into work everyday is simply untrue. For some, it may well be, but for many others, the satisfaction of making a difference to somebody’s life provides the biggest gratification. Therefore, working alongside a recruiter to find employment can be an extremely worthwhile experience. But crucially, forming a positive relationship can be the biggest difference between success and failure in your job search.

A recruiter does actually communicate with their client.

Many believe that the relationship with a recruiter is unimportant. It’s the conversations held with the actual employers that really matter. This is obviously true to a degree, as the employer is the one who will ultimately decide whether to hire you or not. However, a recruiter is in consistent dialogue with a company, meaning their opinion is likely to have some influence on proceedings. If a candidate comes across well to a recruiter, they will be given a positive report when asked by the client. Even though this may not directly influence the end outcome, it can play a part. If there is a close decision to make between several candidates once the interview process has concluded, the employer may just consider the words of the recruiter. Therefore, building a relationship with a recruiter from the beginning can give you a small advantage, which could make all the difference.

Firmly in the thoughts for alternative positions.

Forming a relationship with a recruiter does not guarantee success in your job search. An employer could opt for another candidate, despite the positive recommendation. In such instances, there can be silver lining among the disappointment. You have put yourself firmly in the thoughts of the recruiter. As a result, it’s likely that you will be considered again for any other roles they may have on their books. Not all of these will be suitable, or of interest, but there may be one or two other opportunities worth pursuing. For this reason alone, it’s worth making the effort with a recruiter, as they can be a big help to your search for employment. By providing these avenues, the length of time you’re searching for a job is likely to be significantly reduced. A relationship can be formed which lasts longer than just the particular role presented originally!

Relationship can aid your career development.

Even if you’re successfully placed into a new job through a recruiter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that future dialogue cannot be held. It’s common practice for a recruiter to contact a candidate in the early stages of their new role, to check on their progress and ensure there are no problems. However, even though conversations should continue throughout the candidates’ tenure at the company, it does tend to become less frequent. The relationship can be resurrected further down the line though. If the candidate decides to move again to progress their career, they may contact the same recruiter who assisted them previously. The advantage of this is that the recruiter will know about the skills possessed by the candidate, and the level of experience they have. Good performance in the previous role will demonstrate their quality, and their reliability will be known to them. Therefore, an upperhand can be gained over the competition in their attempt to climb the career ladder.

Therefore, even though some recruiters can give the industry a bad name, it is actually possible to form a relationship with a recruiter who does take an individuals’ personal circumstances into account. Who knows, it may even benefit your career for longer than you think!