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There are numerous potential frustrations in everyday working life, and this is no different for people working in the recruitment industry. However, when a business is working with many different clients, as well as countless candidates on a daily basis, such frustrations are going to be inevitable. As a result, the way in which a recruiter is able to deal with these problems, can often separate the highest achievers from the rest. Some of the most prominent of these frustrations are discussed below:

A lack of candidates:

One of the biggest difficulties for recruiters is when they are working in a candidate driven market. This is when there is a lack of candidates in the marketplace, meaning each candidate has more choice when it comes to deciding their next career move. This is a significant challenge for recruiters, as they are faced with a lack of suitable candidates to put forward to clients to try and fill job vacancies for them. Furthermore, even if a talented candidate is available in the marketplace, they may have several options available to them. As a result, this can lead to a candidate choosing another opportunity ahead of the one offered by the recruiter, which acts as a serious setback for them.

A candidate dropping out in the middle of the process:

Arguably the biggest frustration for recruiters is when a candidate drops out of the hiring process at the latter stages. There are several potential explanations for this, including; the candidate has taken another opportunity offered to them, they have discovered an unsolvable problem with the role, or their circumstances have changed, making the position impossible for them. Even though there is nothing that can be done by the recruiter in these circumstances, it fails to make it any less frustrating. A lot of work was likely to have been carried out by the recruiter for the candidate to be in the position they were in, work that has ultimately proved fruitless and unrewarding.

Offered salaries by clients are limited:

It is not just candidates that can be sources of frustration for recruiters, as clients can sometimes prove just as challenging. One of these instances is when a client is offering salaries that are proving uncompetitive in the marketplace. This is when the salaries offered by the client are lower than those provided by competitors for the same role, meaning candidates are turning down the opportunity. If a candidate is offered a higher salary by another company, the likelihood is that they will take that position instead, providing all other considerations are suitable to them. Therefore, this can be very frustrating for the recruiter, who has carried out all the work to sell the opportunity to the candidate, only to be thwarted by the salary on offer.

Poor retention of candidates by clients:

Finally, clients can also prove to be a frustration, even if you are being successful in making placements for them. This is if candidates are leaving the company not long after joining. If this occurrence only takes place sparingly, then it is not a massive issue, but if it becomes a recurring theme, then it becomes a problem. There is clearly a fundamental reason behind such a poor retention rate, and it costs the recruiter dearly, despite it not being in their control. As long as the recruiter is selling the opportunity realistically, they cannot be held accountable for candidates leaving early on in their tenure with a company. However, the recruiter will still be punished for it, in the form of not receiving the entire placement fee, making it extremely frustrating for them.

How do the best recruiters counter these frustrations..?

Even though it is often impossible to prevent the mentioned frustrations from taking place, the best recruiters can counter and prepare for them. They will have such a plethora of candidates in the pipeline that enables them to swiftly replace a candidate dropout. Moreover, they will have such a relationship with their clients that enables them to encourage an increase in the salaries they are offering, if they are currently lower than their competitors. If a client is consistently losing talent early on that you have placed, the best recruiters will be able to turn to other clients that will bring more results for them. Therefore, there are ways to lessen the impact of frustrations, which will enable them to be a little less frustrating in the future!