There has long been a stigma placed upon the recruitment industry claiming that the majority of professionals working in the sector cannot be trusted. It’s branded that most recruiters are only interested in making money, and show little consideration for what is best for the candidate. However, this stereotype is simply not an accurate reflection of reality. Sure, there are some recruiters who do behave unethically, but there are also plenty that do not. These recruiters are unfortunately tainted with this same brush. They deserve to be recognised much more positively, and should be given more credit for the dedication they show all year round.

Careful consideration towards the individual circumstances.

One of the myths that should be dispelled is that most recruiters fail to pay enough attention to differing circumstances of individuals. Some consultants may just attempt to usher candidates through the hiring process to make money as quickly as possible. However, these individuals certainly do not represent the universal outlook. Many of the best recruiters will weigh up whether a role is suitable for a candidate, and whether it would be sustainable should they be successful in landing the role. Such consultants will be honest and upright, and make the individual aware of whether they would recommend them to progress their application. We pride ourselves on being transparent, and we will take all factors such as location, transport availability and family commitments into account when determining the suitability of an individual.

Always chasing and providing feedback.

Another reason why those recruiters who are dedicated deserve more credit is the hard work they show throughout the entire process. It can be challenging to arrange interview times and dates that suit both client and candidate, and constant dialogue is required. Furthermore, conscientious recruiters will look to receive feedback as quickly as possible, to ensure the candidate is not left waiting for too long. Then, even if the recruiter is juggling several different roles, with numerous candidates, they will always ensure they let every candidate know the outcome of their interview. We always seek a full breakdown of the reasons why a candidate was unsuccessful, so they know what they can look to do differently in the future. Such recruiters deserve more credit for showing this level of interest in a candidate, even if they are not being taken forward.

Never stop working all year round.

The most dedicated recruiters rarely get much time to switch off completely. They are working all year round to ensure they don’t lose any momentum on any work that is currently in the pipeline. We had a consultant who went away for three weeks recently, but they still maintained a significant workload whilst they were away from the office. Deals were able to be achieved, but just as importantly, contact was continued with clients and candidates alike. As a result, it was almost like they had not gone away, which highlights the work that was carried out. Some recruiters would just disappear when they go on holiday, leaving candidates stranded with little idea about what is going on. This is not the case with others however. They will strive to continue the work they had started before going away, which shows commitment and dedication to their work. Consequently, such recruiters should be afforded more credit and recognition from those outside the industry.

Overall, even though some of the criticism labelled at recruiters can be fair, as like in any industry, some individuals may not work in a way they should. However, there are also many recruiters who do act appropriately, and are always considering the candidates and clients they work with. Many recruiters consistently show dedication to their work, and as such, deserve to be recognised in a more positive light. The actions of the minority should not detract away from the efforts of recruiters, like ourselves, who always look to provide a service of excellence.