The month of December is a notoriously quiet period for recruiters. Most companies either close around the Christmas period, or they delay any hiring until they return in the New Year. Consequently, this can lead to problems occurring for recruitment agencies, as they will likely see a drop in capital generated. Even new starters arranged in November may have to wait to start their new role until the turn of the year, meaning a wait for recruiters to be paid. However, there are things recruiters can do to ensure they have no worries during the festivities. Moreover, they can also remain proactive during this slow period by ticking off any outstanding tasks on their to-do-list. Some of the ways recruiters can maximise the Christmas period are discussed below:

Look to do as much business as possible in October and November.

One of the best ways a recruiter can enjoy the festive period is the sight of several starters already booked in for January. Having these deals on the board reduces the pressure for a recruiter to deliver results during difficult circumstances in December. In order for this ideal to be realised, it is imperative that the recruiter works as hard as possible during the months of October and November. Clients will continue to be active during these two months, and this must be taken advantage of as much as possible. Any placements made will then either start fairly quickly, or they will wait until the New Year. Either way, it does not matter too much when a candidate starts, but it is crucial to have such a pipeline to fall back on.

Continue to contact potential candidates…

Even though you may not necessarily see too many people move jobs during the month of December, that does not mean they are not open to the idea. Some people may just be seeing through the Christmas period, before beginning their job search when the New Year is upon them. As a result, it would be a good idea for a recruiter to continue to contact such passive candidates to gauge their interest in a role currently being worked on. If it’s determined that a candidate would be interested in a position, the recruiter can at the very least arrange a time and date to speak again after Christmas, with the potential to arrange an interview. Therefore, even though you may not be able to complete a deal during this period, you can move a step closer to doing just that in the New Year.

Go and visit your clients!

How often a recruiter visits their clients can often depend on the company involved, as well as the duration of time they have worked together. However, what is in no doubt is that the month of December can be the perfect time to do so. Taking advantage of the relatively quiet Christmas period, a recruiter can make good use of their increased time to make the trip to visit. Due to the jovial nature of this time of year, this meeting can be a very positive experience, where objectives and expectations can be set for the following twelve months. Client visits are a great way to strengthen a relationship, and there is no better time to utilise this opportunity. This meeting may bring up some new roles that need working in the New Year, and it can set a recruiter up nicely to get working on them when they return from their Christmas break.

Therefore, by ensuring that some pre-planning takes place during the months of October and November, a recruiter can set themselves up for a prosperous January after the festive break. Furthermore, a recruiter should continue to contact potential candidates who may soon be looking for new opportunities, as well as utilising their additional time to visit their clients. By achieving these objectives, a recruiter can certainly enjoy their mince pies that little bit more!