A young businesswoman shaking a new colleague's hand as she accepts the job

There are always lots of people looking to get into recruitment. With the amount of recruitment agencies that are out there, there are often opportunities available. However, as is the case in most industry sectors, competition can be extremely rife, meaning you must stand out from the rest. There are several ways to do this. Here are some general interview tips, as well as some more specific ones, for those candidates looking to getting into recruitment:

Make a good first impression.

This is the case with any job interview, but first impressions are nearly almost the most lasting. It is important to be suitably presented, as this is what an interviewer first looks for before any verbal contact is made. A firm handshake and welcoming smile is also very important as you first come into contact with the interviewer, as it portrays you in a positive light right from the off. Finally, your first words are often important, as people are quick to judge a person early on in a conversation. Starting brightly will always stand you in good stead thereafter. Remember, an interviewer can make a judgement extremely quickly!

Always bring a notepad with you.

This may not always be a necessity in an interview, but certainly in a recruitment office-based position, candidates should always bring a notepad with them. It just gives the interviewer the impression that you are a keen candidate that is looking to learn as much about the business in question as possible. Moreover, it simply makes you look professional, as well as someone that is really serious about landing the role. However, ensure you actually use the notepad to make notes during the interview, as this will confirm the initial suspicions that were held about your character. Bringing a notepad and not utilising it may well be a missed opportunity to impress.

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer.

It is important to prepare questions to ask the interviewer, as well as being prepared to answer any potential questions that you could be asked yourself. Again, having questions prepared beforehand makes you seem interested in learning more about the job role, as well as the plans the company has to progress and get bigger. Interviewers often ask candidates if they have any questions themselves, and if you have not come prepared, you may struggle to think on the spot, creating a negative impression of yourself, resulting in the interviewer doubting your credentials and commitment to getting the position.

Ensure you know the details included on your CV.

There are not many things that make you look worse in a job interview than not knowing enough about the details you have included on your CV. The minimum requirement interviewers expect of a candidate is that they will be able to answer questions regarding their CV. If you don’t know certain details, such as specific dates of previous employment, then you are not going to come across well, creating serious doubts about your quality as a candidate. Furthermore, you must be prepared to elaborate on what you have written on your CV, making it imperative that everything included is true, as it can be easy to be caught out!

Have an extensive understanding of recruitment.

Finally, more specifically focused on recruitment, you must convey your knowledge of the recruitment industry, to give yourself any chance of being hired. You need to have an understanding of how recruitment works, the figures you are looking to achieve in a certain period of time, as well as solid knowledge of the industry sector you are proposing to recruit for. Having a suitable amount of understanding of recruitment itself is obviously necessary, but highlighting extensive knowledge, as well as clear progression targets and objectives, could set you apart from the other candidates going for the role. The more you know, and convey in the interview, the best chance you give yourself of success.