Have you ever come home from a bad day at work claiming you are going to look for a new job? If you have, you are by no means different to the countless others that have said the exact same thing after a particularly challenging day’s work. Therefore, this proves that you shouldn’t really be taken seriously as your words are likely to mean very little, and you are unlikely to actually start looking for a new position. However, if these instances start to become more frequent, then more needs to be considered in terms of actually looking for a new role.

There are numerous signs that a person needs to start looking for a new job, with the occurrence above just one example. A selection of those are discussed below:

Dreading coming to work on a Monday..

One of the primary signs that you really need to start looking for a new job is if you are spending your entire Sunday worrying about going back to work on the Monday. This suggests that you are deeply unhappy at work, and that you would benefit from a change. You should spend your weekend relaxing and doing things that you enjoy, in order to feel refreshed and ready to go again on Monday. If your worries are preventing you from doing this, then something needs to change, as it is simply not healthy for you to continue in this way.

Constantly find yourself complaining about your job..

If you find yourself going home every evening and complaining about your job to your family, you should consider making a change. The majority of people will mention work when they come home, but that should just be to discuss how your day went, and not as a chance to complain about how frustrating your day has been. If this sort of talk starts to occur regularly, then you should consider your options. For one, your family will not want to hear you repeatedly talk negatively about your job, and it is not doing yourself any good either.

Feel like you are not being challenged or are stagnating..

Another sign that you should start to think about leaving your current job is if you no longer feel like you are being challenged in your role. You may feel like you have taken your work as far as it can go, and there is no room for further progression. This feeling of stagnation should lead to you starting to looking for a new challenge, where you can start to build up and develop somewhere new. A new job may also restore your hunger, which should lead to you being more motivated, and successful in your next role.

You don’t get on with your boss..

Even though you will likely never be best friends with your boss, you should have a cordial and pleasant working relationship with them. However, if that is not the case, and you find yourself constantly disagreeing and arguing with each other, then it may be wise to start looking at a move. The reason for this is that you will likely be involved in creating a hostile atmosphere in the workplace, which is not beneficial to anyone. Getting out of that situation and starting again at a new company would be wise in these circumstances.

The company is going downhill..

Finally, you should start to consider looking for a new job if you get the impression that the business you are working at is beginning to go downhill. If the performance of the company is starting to falter, and there is no clear plan for reviving their fortunes, you would be best advised to start looking at alternative options. Nobody wants to be working for a company that is performing poorly, and the chances are that you may be made redundant in the near future if figures are that poor, meaning you should start putting contingency plans together at the very least!