As technologies come and go with the snap of a finger, it is imperative for a cyber security expert to keep pace with the latest from the world of cyber threats. As the state of technology is evolving, so are the vulnerabilities and the number of cyber attacks.

This also means that cyber security experts can enjoy a lot of success in their careers, mainly because enterprises are ready to pay handsome salaries to those that bolster their digital security. Here are eight skills that cyber security experts need to make it big in their careers.

Intrusion detection

Powerful trojans and backdoor codes are looking to steal confidential information by bypassing the security wall of authentication. Intrusion detection software must be stronger than the malware threatening to penetrate systems.

Malware analysis and reversing

Malware intrusion is a serious issue. Security pros are required to stay proactive in their approach and to develop their skills in digital threat management. Also, cyber security experts need to strengthen their skills in business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Programming know-how

Basic understanding of programming languages is critical for any cyber security expert. This helps them gauge the possibility of attacks on the system and to develop counter-measures accordingly.

Thinking like a black hat

Offensive cyber security is gaining more and more traction, and for good reason. It is often more useful to anticipate an attack and prepare for the contingency, instead of doing the damage control afterwards.

Building a well-rounded skillset

It is essential for cyber security experts to equip their cyber security arsenal with all the new up and coming technologies to build upon their foundation and branch out further.

Risk analysis and mitigation

Identifying risks before the onset of a threat is a very useful practice. You are required to identify risks, track identified risks and discover new risks.

Cloud security

It is a highly coveted skill as the number of cloud attacks is ever increasing. The cloud is susceptible to a lot of dangerous attacks like data breaches, hijacked accounts, malicious insiders, and many more.

Security analysis

A cyber security expert should have a thorough knowledge of analysing the security options available and building innovative solutions using them.

Source: TechGenix