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I am approaching the end of my first month in my new position as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice at XL Recruitment. Therefore, I thought it appropriate that now was a good time to explain my role in achieving the ongoing objective of success in the company. However, it is not just success for us, but we pride ourselves on providing quality solutions for both our clients and candidates too. We have a strong commitment to finding the most suitable candidates we can that match the requirements of our clients, whilst we look to match our candidates with the most appropriate positions possible in concordance with their individual needs and wants. My role is simple; to attract the best candidates for the job vacancies we have on offer.

Informing our audience of current job vacancies.

It used to be the case that candidates were only made aware of job opportunities if they visited the website, or if they directly contacted us through either phone or email. However, these are clearly not the only avenues available to job-hunters nowadays. This is mainly through the advancement of social media. This is where my role comes in, to inform these people of the vacancies we currently have available. The way I am able to target our audience is currently within four platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. It is my job to ensure that the necessary information is provided across all four platforms, in a way that looks unique to them individually. Similar information is put on all the platforms, with additional details provided on some. (Depending on the characters available) For example, more information can be provided on a Facebook post than Twitter, due to the 140 character restriction on tweets. I also believe it is important to have some continuity within a platform, with my usage of the same image whenever a new job vacancy is added, to ensure that the trend is familiar, and viewers can easily recognise the addition of a new opportunity they may be interested in. Consequently, there is a lot more to think about in my role than simply just posting new jobs on the social media platforms.

Keeping our viewers aware of the latest news in the recruitment industry.

As well as adding all our latest job vacancies to our social media platforms, I am also responsible for ensuring that the sites are regularly updated with the latest news from the recruitment industry. This involves researching all the news websites in our industry, and posting all the articles that are relevant to our fields. Again, this doesn’t just involve posting the links to the articles on all of our platforms. There has to be a selection process involved, with a decision taken as to which platform to post the different articles. Some news articles will be more appropriate to the audience of one platform than the others, in that case, the article is posted on that site. I also ensure that different news articles are posted on all four of our social media platforms we currently use, to avoid losing the individuality we attempt to create across all of our platforms.

Looking to the future…

As I approach my second month at XL Recruitment, I am hoping to continue the progress that has been made over the first month. We hope the number of followers and impressions will continue to grow, as we look to add more variety to our platforms. In the coming weeks and months, you can look forward to seeing more blog activity from myself, as well as more recommendations from satisfied clients and candidates on behalf of our specialist consultants. Furthermore, we hope to kick-start our YouTube page in the near future, adding video content to show our audiences more of what we do and how we achieve our success. Overall, I am extremely happy with the progress made in our social media platforms over the first month of my career in the company, and I look forward to continuing the progress over the coming months.