With cybersecurity becoming a greater concern for businesses across the globe, all employees must be made aware of the risks involved. Strengthening the resistance to potential cyber attacks should be a responsibility of all employees, and for that to become a reality, they must be given the necessary education. There are several ways in which a company can look to train their staff on this crucial issue, and by doing so, significantly increase their chances of successfully protecting themselves in the event of an attempted hack.

Introduce staff to the basics.

A good place to start, especially for smaller organisations, is a simple email alert across the office, containing links that highlight some of the most important dangers to be aware of. By doing so, employees are engaging with the potential risks, and in turn, learning about how they can identify them. Despite this only providing a basic level of understanding, it is at least making staff realise that they should be considering the issue when carrying out all aspects of their work.

Hold regular cybersecurity meetings.

Once staff have gained the basic knowledge, regular meetings should be held, conducted by senior members of an organisation. An hour long session with all the relevant individuals is required, where a presentation should be carried out, highlighting all the emerging threats, and how to deal with them. These briefings must take place regularly, due to the fact that cybersecurity threats are constantly developing, and businesses need to make sure they are keeping up. By doing so, they are ensuring that their safety procedures are not becoming outdated.

Carry out audits to test current procedures.

As previously mentioned, cybersecurity threats are developing all the time, and businesses must ensure that the procedures they currently have in place are adequate. They can do this by carrying out an audit, which will involve their senior technology experts attempting to gain access to their systems by using the latest hacking methods. The findings from these investigations will only enhance the awareness of staff on how secure their procedures are, and how vulnerable they can be to change.

Ensure security policies are universal.

One of the most important requirements in ensuring sound employee awareness of cyber safety is making all security policies universal throughout an organisation. This will mean there are no grey areas, and every employee will have no doubt as to how they should be operating. Furthermore, all security policies should be clear and easy to understand, to eradicate the possibility of confusion being created. Confusion leads to mistakes being made, something businesses cannot allow to happen, especially when they have such catastrophic consequences.