Social media is becoming more and more prominent in the recruitment process. Most recruiting companies are now taking advantage of social media to increase their reach to onlooking candidates and clients. As a result, the competition between recruiters is constantly intensifying, meaning it is more important than ever to stand out above the competition. With this in mind, here is my opinion on the key elements recruitment firms must consider when they are putting out their content on social media.

1) Giving as much information about job vacancies as possible.

When you are promoting a current job vacancy you have on your books, it is important to give as much information about the role as possible. This is to give job-hunters a necessary insight into the position so they can make a decision whether they want to apply for the role or not. If all the relevant information is given, it is more likely that you will gain more applicants, thus increasing your chances of placing a candidate and achieving your fee. However, if necessary details about a role are missing, it is less likely people will follow up on the vacancy as they do not know exactly what sort of position they are applying for. Furthermore, it is not a professional look to miss out such important information, and you do not want to give a negative impression of your business.

2) Ensure you are releasing the latest recruitment industry news.

It is extremely important that you are consistently posting news articles about the recruitment industry, to keep your followers updated on all the relevant issues that are prominent at the current time. More than anything though, it highlights that your business is constantly concerned with the latest developments, which will persuade people that you are a conscious business that never rests on its laurels. Moreover, regular and up to date news articles just means that people looking on the sites are made aware that you are still actively at work. Most importantly, it simply gives a positive impression on a business that they are taking the time to find and post the latest news, as this is something that is not necessarily evident from all recruitment companies.

3) Keeping people informed of all the latest news developments from your company.

It is all well and good keeping your followers informed of the latest news from your industry, but you must also make sure they are kept updated on the latest developments from your business. This is to give them important insights into what is happening inside the company, as well as ensuring they know more about you. Consequently, this may result in more interest in your business, as people begin to understand more about how you work and the people you work and have contacts with. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to show off your company’s achievements, which should be utilised to attract more candidates and clients to your business, which should in turn, result in more candidates being placed in job roles.

4) Regular updates on all social media platforms.

Even though you may have a larger emphasis on one social media platform, which does not mean that you should neglect your other platforms. It is vitally important that all the platforms are updated in equal measure, to ensure that you are targeting as many people as possible. Your target audience is huge on social media, with the vast amount of people that use a number of the platforms on a daily basis. If you were to just focus on a single or a couple of platforms, it means a significant amount of potential candidates are lost if they do not hold an account on these sites. Not only that, but if they become aware that activity is being added on the other sites, they will feel that they are being ignored and not being considered a viable option. Activity across a range of platforms is crucial to optimising your success.

5) Consistency and variety within and between platforms is necessary.

Finally, another important element of social media recruiting is consistency within a platform. This means always giving the same messages, so candidates and clients are clear on what you are trying to do and how you work. Moreover, it is a good idea to put on a particular image or theme when a certain post is being put out, so it is obvious straight away what the post is about. It also means people can look out for certain posts when they are scrolling down your pages looking for something in particular. Furthermore, variety between social media platforms is important to convey that each site is as integral to your success as the others. This involves posting different news articles on the platforms, which in turn, may result in more people keeping tabs on all of your pages.