We all know about the advancements made to technology over recent years. These developments have led to numerous benefits to people’s everyday lives. However, not all the effects of technology are positive, as found in a recent study. 900 professionals were asked whether they felt their job was threatened by technological improvements. The results suggested that for many, this was certainly the case.

Results varied for different jobs.

There was a range in the responses to the question, with professionals in some industries feeling much more at risk. A selection of the results are outlined below:

  • Financial Services: 47% felt at risk.
  • Sales: 33%.
  • IT: 20%.
  • Marketing & Communications: 18%.
  • Engineering: 14%.

Therefore, it is clear that the risk is seen as greater in some jobs compared to others. Even though the figures don’t seem too drastic, they do highlight the growing perceived impact of technology. It is also unlikely that the rise of technology will stop at any point in the near future. As a result, could these statistics become even higher over the next couple of years? Certainly.

Many working professionals will hope that this potential reality does not materialise. We shall see.

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