Technology in Recruitment

Technological advancements over the past few years have undoubtedly affected how recruitment practices are conducted. In the past, it would simply be a case of looking at a paper CV and calling the candidates that looked most attractive. If successful during that phone call, the candidate would then be invited for a face-to-face interview. This was the process everyone was used to and comfortable with. However, developments within technology in recent times have altered the way recruitment is carried out, with more factors now coming into play.

What has technology changed?

Social media now has a real place in the recruitment process. When a recruiter or employer is determining whether a candidate is suitable, it is now more common for them to view social profiles. If a negative impression is given, they can be discarded from the shortlist. Furthermore, online tests are now more prevalent. They are a way of ruling out candidates without having to waste any time. Even some interviews are now carried out using technology, with video platforms such as Skype frequently taken advantage of.

Is traditional recruitment on the decline?

Despite technology beginning to become more prominent in recruitment, traditional practices are far from being a thing of the past. Many recruiters still prefer a physical CV to hand that they can send to clients. As a result, it’s still a good idea to ensure it remains updated.

Therefore, it should be looked at from the perspective that technology is adding a new dimension to recruitment, but it’s by no means revolutionary. Traditional practices still have a crucial part to play, and that personal touch will always be difficult to recreate through technology. Instead, we should take advantage of the increased flexibility we are now afforded, and make the best of both worlds.

There’s still life in the old methods yet!

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