Numerous organisations across all sectors are looking to recruit for permanent positions within their company. In their latest survey, JobsOutlook has found that 19% of businesses in the UK are looking to increase their headcount over the next three months. However, a significant 45% of employers are expecting to encounter a shortage of suitable candidates within the next year. Consequently, this could see more businesses turning to temporary workers, as an alternative to permanent hiring.

Key findings from the survey;

  • 34% of companies have no spare capacity, meaning they would need to recruit in order to meet any additional demand.
  • 87% of businesses intend to increase, or at least maintain, their use of temporary workers over the next three months.
  • 24% of companies make at least half of their temporary workforce permanent every year.

Temporary workers becoming increasingly important?

All the latest research suggests that temporary workers are becoming increasingly crucial to businesses. This is primarily as they look to react to the shortage of qualified candidates to fill their permanent positions. More evidence to back this up is shown by the fact that employers are recruiting these members of staff to respond to growth. This serves as proof that such hires are becoming essential.

Since the beginning of 2017, an average of 55% of employers are hiring temporary workers due to being unable to cope with their level of growth. This compares to 48% for the second half of 2016. These statistics highlight the increasing need for recruitment of this sort currently in the UK.

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