You wouldn’t think that 3 decades would make much of a difference but the last 30 years have changed to way we live as a whole.

No wonder your parents struggle to understand technology, there’s a lot to catch up on!

Long forgotten are the days of nokia bricks and polyphonic ringtones.
We now live in a generation where you can do everything on your phone.
Not only do we have DSLR quality cameras, high speed internet and unlimited data but we also have unlimited communication through apps, social media and video calls.
It’s hard to think of a life without the world at your fingertips, which is why it’s baffling to learn that the first Iphone only launched 12 years ago!

How did people navigate on road trips with a fold out map and 176 pages of the A-Z road atlas?
This has got the be one of the most convenient inventions of our lifetime.
Not only can you access your location anywhere and get precise directions to where you want to go, but you can now share your location with others, giving you an extra option of safety.
Also, the likes of SatNav have made driving 10x easier with complete handsfree control.

The mother of all technology advancements.
We are all guilty of checking our socials first thing in the morning and there’s good reason for it.
With a plethora of options it’s hard not to get caught up in the world of social media.
Whether you’re more of an instagram person or a twitter fanatic, the need to know what is happening in other peoples lives and comment in real time is just too addictive.

Imagine a time when arguments were never settled by a quick google search or you just never found out the name of the actress in a movie from the 80’s.
Well, luckily, the answers are all at our fingertips with the help of Wikipedia.
Don’t know who the first president was?
Want to explore Joss Whedon’s extensive filmography?
Need to know the exact date of the Brangelina wedding?
Wikipedia has got your back.
It’s also very handy for that essay you’re struggling with.

Anyone else remember having to set reminders for your favourite TV shows or even taping a film so you can watch it later?
On Demand has gone much further than being able to rewatch a missed episode on 4OD, we now live in a world of streaming the best upcoming films and episodes with the help of Netflix and Now Tv.
Netflix especially has become an empire in itself with the ‘Netflix Originals’ being the most talked about releases.
No more running to make a brew on the ad break!

Honourable mentions.
Youtube – forever solving the question ‘how do i change a lightbulb’
HDTV – showing us every detail of your local news presenters face.
The internet – read more about this here
Online Shopping – goodbye queues and awkward human interaction.