There was a significant strengthening of the UK job market during the month of November. A 13.6% increase in job growth was experienced when compared to last year, while figures also compared favourably to the statistics in October, with a 3.2% growth.

Which cities saw the biggest growth?

Despite there being growth in most areas of the UK, there were certain cities that enjoyed larger success:

  1. Sheffield – 28.5% growth.
  2. Southampton – 23.1%.
  3. Glasgow – 18.4%.
  4. Edinburgh – 18.4%.
  5. Birmingham – 18.1%.

The likes of London, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds all also experienced significant growth, demonstrating the extent of the progress made over the past month.

Which job sectors have benefited most?

Many industries have enjoyed job growth, with a selection of those listed below:

  • Manufacturing – 37.7%.
  • Legal – 21.7%.
  • Construction – 19.6%.
  • Marketing – 17.7%.

However, there are a range of industries that have experienced positive growth, and considering the current uncertainty caused by Brexit, means we can look ahead to 2017 with great optimism.

On a slightly more negative note, application rates were down by 4.5% in November when compared to the previous month. Even though this may seem significant, it is not unusual as we approach Christmas, as many jobseekers bide their time as they ready themselves for the New Year.

For the full list of cities and industries performing strongly in the latest figures, follow: