Whether you’re a candidate looking for a new opportunity, or a company looking to fill a vacant position, you should seriously consider utilising recruitment agencies more in 2017. Even though we’re biased of course, there are several genuine reasons why this should be the case. The expertise that can be provided by recruiters can be invaluable in helping you bring your job search to a positive resolution. Moreover, such qualities can also greatly benefit companies who are looking to make a hire as efficiently and effectively as possible. So, just how do recruitment agencies provide such an attractive option for both candidates and companies? Find out below:

Some roles are only advertised through recruitment agencies.

As a job seeker, it is likely that you will use the traditional channels of looking for available opportunities. This could be by scanning the job boards, networking, or via social media. However, not all vacancies are advertised within these channels, as some are worked on exclusively by recruitment agencies. Therefore, by working with a specific recruiter, a role you didn’t even think existed could be brought to your attention. As a result, it is always worth approaching an agency that specialises within your industry, as you may just find your dream job as a result!

Your employability prospects can be enhanced.

There is no guarantee that working with a recruitment agency will result in you starting in a new role. You may prove unsuccessful with the company you were put forward for, or there may not be a role they’re working on that matches exactly what you’re looking for. However, this should not act as a deterrent. The reason for this is that a recruiter can improve your employability prospects for the future. They can offer guidance on how to improve the writing of your CV, and also provide interview tips that you can take advantage of at a later date. Consequently, even if you don’t end your job search, you can certainly increase your chances of doing so in the not too distant future!

Companies can benefit from a recruiters’ market knowledge/reach.

Despite some companies being able to recruit internally, using a recruitment agency can often prove to be more successful. The major reason for this is that a recruiter will often already have a talent pool to work through when looking to find suitable candidates for a client. Therefore, the time spent on finding candidates is greatly reduced, which can speed up the entire hiring process. Furthermore, a specialist recruiter will be able to call upon expert market knowledge, meaning they can use this to send over candidates that are suitably skilled and experienced for a position.

Their actual recruitment experience reduces the risk of a poor hire.

It is not uncommon for a company to bring in a new starter, only for them not to settle into the role, meaning they are looking again shortly afterwards. Despite there always being an element of risk to any new hire, this risk is often reduced when working with a recruiter. They have actual recruitment experience, meaning they know how to manage the process and identify the best talent on the market. As a result, it is more likely that the candidates brought into interview will be of a higher quality, meaning they should be able to hit the ground running if successfully hired. This also leads to lower staff turnover, and reduced hiring costs for a company.

Even though it is portrayed that working with a recruitment agency can be the answer to all your prayers, you must ensure that you work with the right one. There are countless agencies across the country, and it can be challenging to identify the right one for you. However, if you work with an agency that specialises in your industry, and has recruiters who have enjoyed considerable past success, this can lead to positive results being achieved.

Looking for a new opportunity? Attempting to fill a vacant position in the company? Maybe you should make 2017 the year you start utilising the good work of recruitment agencies!